The 3 Secret Skills of Top Performers - Powerful Lessons in Transformational Leadership

This book teaches leaders intrinsic motivation skills to


Would modeling top performers for a shorter learning curve benefit your company, organization, or team? I transform leaders in business, education, athletic, and general systems to use powerful intrinsic motives so they get better results from every performer.

Do you feel your performers hurt your workplace when they carry over their personal life performances? Imagine the tone an unhappy, unmotivated performer with problems at home speaking to your customers or with your team? If yes, the answer to improve quality of life at home is The Triad Performance Improvement System.

The true benefit is to improve performance in less time for any job, task, skill, or relationship so everyone wins. And who doesn’t enjoy happy campers?

 The 7-module courses teach

The Triad Performance Improvement System

  • discover three common factors in top performer
  • lead with powerful intrinsic motives
  • are you a CEO, Director, Manager, Supervisor, Educator, Trainer, Coach, or Parent leader?
  • recognize personal needs, values, and goals of performers
  • model top performers to enjoy more success and higher quality of life

     Tap into your natural drive to improve your job, tasks, skills, and relationships. Each secret skill is learned independently but applied interdependently. And like riding a bicycle once learned you never forget.

     Are you in a rut? Do you try harder doing more of the same but expect better results? Do you feel frustrated knowing you can do better? Now you can learn a proven system to improve your routine behaviors and become the top performer.

     Visualize these example diagrams and tables to reinforce your learning. Then return to this page by clicking the “X” in upper righthand corner of the diagram.

    Triad Skills Development Model   

    7 Steps to Triad Performance Improvement  

    Activity Value Index

Dr. Pete Andersen is a behaviorist, author,

speaker, coach, publisher, and top performer

     He has associated with top performing business, education and athletic programs, and Internet marketers to present transformational leadership strategies to improve performance in less time. His mission is to transform you to use more powerful intrinsic motivation principles.

     Revealed for the first time are three secret skills top performers have in common so you can model and become the top performer that is within you.

     He has over twenty years of business experience in medical sales and marketing, and currently owns a publishing company. In education he was a teacher, coach, and school superintendent.  He directed large aquatic programs for a city park district, two high schools, and a university as an assistant professor. As a superintendent he presented intrinsic motivation leadership strategies to regional and state teacher conferences.

     In athletics he was a 5-time All-American NCAA Division I swimmer and head coach of All-American collegiate women and high school boys. He holds world and national records for his age-group in Masters Swimming competition, and won 25 Senior Olympic National Championship Gold Medals.

     As owner of Trius Publishing from1989-1992 he published his weekly syndicated column, The Sport PsychologyAdvisor to over 30 newspapers in the Chicago and Milwaukee suburbs that was read by Chicago Bears and Bulls players. He authored and published Purposeful Intent and Teach Yourself to Swim, his brand, with over a dozen e-books on swimming and water safety instruction. His latest work is The 3 Secret Skills of Top Performers.

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Teach Yourself to Swim in
One Minute Steps
is my brand

There are 14 shorter paperback and e-books in this series. The main book is 288 pages with brief descriptions and picture sequences of all the basic skills and strokes. And a complete chapter on water safety in unfamiliar places to avoid risks. All content is based on never out-of-date physics and psychology of learning principles in simple steps. So, you can save time and money teaching your kids starting at home without a pool! It’s ideal in rural and low-income areas with no pool or good instructors. A 4 DVD set curriculum sold to over 7 countries is available.

Purposeful Intent is
the Bible of
intrinsic motivation

Leaders learn The Triad Performance Improvement System in 422 7×10 pages with illustrations.

Hobie Billingsley was the
diving coach at
Indiana University

Hobie is the greatest competitive diving coach in the history of the sport. He revolutionized coaching methods and produced 132 Olympic and National Champions. He founded the World and National Diving Coaches Associations and was the head diving team coach of 5 different Olympic games.

This is the only guide
to build a competitive
diving program

Hobie Billingsley is an icon in the sport and the guide is guaranteed to improve any diving program.

Hobie Billingsley teaches how to perform134 dives
in numbered sequences

So, the diver can focus on at each stage in the dive. This helps any diver rapidly learn, improve, and form a full 1 & 3 meter list.