The Business Course

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Business Course Description

     I designed this 7-module four-week online training course for businesses, organizations, and teams of 10 or more employees. Each performer uses the same login name but creates their personal password. The e-book is downloaded, and large discounts for quantity paperback copies are available. In person services are negotiable.   

  • tutorials in 2nd and 4th weeks are followed by Q&A,
  • course is available online for one year; replays included, and
  • so, everyone can master the modules at their own pace.

     So, are you frustrated doing more of the same but expecting better results? Your problem is many people do not know a system to modify their behaviors to improve performance. I stress awareness of more powerful intrinsic motives to improve individual performance. The benefit is a higher quality of life in a sharing and caring environment.

     Do your employees carryover their personal lives and drama into your workplace to affect overall performance improvement? One unhappy performer affects the motivation of many others including your customers!

     Is employee turnover and the cost of hiring and training killing your profit margin? The #1 reason why people leave an employer is because they can’t stand the boss leader. Workers don’t care to improve when they feel the leaders don’t care about them.

     Maybe it’s time you modeled the 3 secret skills top performers use to consistently stay motivated and keep improving. Now for the first time everyone can learn a proven system to improve their performance in less time for any job, task, skill, or relationship. Turn your workplace into a happy environment employees look forward to being there.

     I train your leaders to recognize the personal needs, values, and goals of the performers doing the work. Then align those with the company, organization, or team. So, the outcomes I create are greater trust and loyalty between management and the performers. And today with more unsupervised performers working from home that is essential to improve overall performance.  

The training includes…

  • progress checklists, discovery of personal needs and values,
  • personal skills assessment survey to discover strengths and weaknesses to improve,
  • correct goal-setting paradigm,
  • increasing awareness flow charts, diagrams,
  • pre-during-post self-evaluation assessments,
  • connection to a personal reward system, and
  • activity value indices to learn and apply The Triad Performance Improvement System.

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