The 3 Secret Skills of Top Performers - Powerful Lessons in Transformational Leadership



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Paperback 266 7×10 pages, 20 diagrams and charts to improve your performance
in less time for any job, task, skill, or relationship with intrinsic motives.


  • Improve your company, association, or team performance in less time

  • Real results with a shortened learning curve

  • Better systems management of personnel

  • Motivated team participation and loyalty

  • Cultivate a supportive culture of leadership

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The 3 Secret Skills of Top Performers - Powerful Lessons in Transformational Leadership

General Training Course


7-Modules 4-week course



  • On-Line Course

  • Approximately 5-8 lessons in each module

  • Each lesson is MP4 video format lasting 2-20 minutes each

  • Live training followed by Q&A in 2nd and 4th weeks

  • Access to modules for one year

  • User name and password protected to avoid sharing

               Who benefits?

     Individuals, parents, teachers, coaches, managers, supervisors, directors, owners, administrators, etc.

  • Learn The Triad Performance Improvement System and be self-motivated

  • Applied to any job, task, skill, or relationship

  • Apply intrinsic motives to lead

  • Apply to your company, association, or team

  • Cultivate a leadership supportive culture

Other planned 7-module courses…


Business – for companies or branches with 10 or more employees. Prices start at $ 4,997 and up on a sliding scale based on number of employees enrolled.

Education – for school districts who can use Federal Title II-A funds to afford the training. Prices start at $ 4,997 and up on a sliding scale based on increments of 100 employees (including administrators, teachers, and staff).

Athletics – primarily for small – medium sized colleges and Division II and III Universities. Prices start at $ 4,997 and up on a sliding scale based on increments of 100 participants, administrators, coaches, and athletes.

  How to Enroll


    There is a reason why top performers do it better.
Ideal for ages 12 and up who have a need to improve
a job, task, skill, or relationship.
Learn at your own pace.

First, enroll in a FREE introductory 50 minute webinar to learn if this course fits your needs.

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Real life example…

I have six grown children all with college degrees who are doing very well financially and in their marriages and other relationships.
I taught them The Triad Performance Improvement System very early so they would learn to hold themselves accountable for their education and performance.
I also have a Ph.D. in education and retired as a K-12 school superintendent to know the facts about higher learning.

Here is just one problem. Parents of upper class high school students worry how they can afford to spend $20-40,000 per year on their student’s college education or trade school.
      This is a huge investment gamble and they need to know their student has the tools to succeed and is serious to stay focused and achieve a degree to help them financially in a future.

      The side benefit is if their student is successful they won’t have to live with them anymore so this gives the parents more freedom.
      The job of the parent is to provide opportunities and basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter.
      The job of the student is to work to become educated, be a good citizen, respect others, and not be a jerk.

      This course offers parents an idea what top student performers are doing to guarantee their success.
      The course provides a window and form of insurance that their student has a grasp of the need and value expended to be educated.
      If not observed with results in these last two years of high school, then it may be wiser to afford the Community College route.
      There are proposed means how to afford a college or trade school, choice of degree, and predictable placement to obtain a rewarding job.

      Compared to expending $20-40,000 per year on a higher education this course is highly affordable now for only $ 497

      There are webinars you can sign up for that offer bonus coupons of 50% off that, too!