The 3 Secret Skills of Top Performers - Powerful Lessons in Transformational Leadership

Introducing The 7-Module Courses

     These four courses – General group, Business, Education, and Athletic apply specific messaging to meet your needs. Delivered on-line over four weeks, but available for one year to view/review replays on all the modules and recorded Q&A sessions. The book is your text to learn and reinforce The Triad Performance Improvement System. A paperback copy is provided with every General course. For other courses, the e-book will be available to download, and quantity discounts are available for paperback copies. The objective is to model the 3 secrets skills of top performers and shorten your learning curve. Do you keep doing more of the same but expect better results?

     Maybe it’s time you learn a simple system top-performers use so you can consistently keep improving your performance, feel rewarded, and self-motivated. Do you carryover your success or failure for jobs, tasks, skills, or relationships from home to affect your workplace performance?

     Top performers are successful for a variety of reasons. But many take for granted what they do, and don’t always feel successful. When you don’t feel rewarded or successful your performance improvement suffers. You keep doing what you’ve always done. You’re in a rut and unmotivated.

     General course is affordable for upper class high school and college students, parents, and talented performers who want to improve.  Read more

     Business course is for companies or organizations or branches of ten or more employees, so everyone is on the same page.  Read more

     Education course is for school districts who can apply Federal Type II-A Grants allocated for professional growth of staff.   Read more

     Athletics course is for college and university athletic departments personnel and student athletes managing a variety of sports.  Read more