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Education Course Description

I am a Ph.D. behaviorist and retired K-12 school superintendent.

   As an educator do you wonder how some teachers and coaches motivate their students to higher achievement differently? I believe it is more than personality. Research indicates the #1 reason why students do better is because they feel the teacher cares about them. So how do we get all teachers and coaches to give students that feeling? My solution is to model 3 secret skills top performers do to consistently stay motivated and keep improving.

   I designed this 7-module four-week course with specific messaging for administrators, teachers, coaches, and support staff. Funding is usually provided by Federal II-A Title Grants to support professional growth. I use The Triad Performance Improvement System to teach all school personnel how to motivate students to higher achievement with powerful intrinsic leadership methods. They teach personal accountability for learning and self-rewarding motives. The problem with extrinsic motives is you must keep increasing the incentive. Intrinsic motives create long-term benefits for the student and personnel because they are based on satisfying the personal needs, values, and goals of each performer. The rewards are consistent and long-term. 

   Click here to learn more about my credentials. Click here to view the book endorsed by top performers. 

    Whether at home or at school, tap into a natural drive to improve performance in less time. The applications are to what I call “The Big Four” – jobs, tasks, skills, and relationships. The benefit is students will be able to apply this knowledge like riding a bicycle for the rest of their lives to enjoy a higher quality of life, independence, and potential for financial freedom. The virus has taught students they have a responsibility to educate themselves. And with awareness for doing the work, they connect all the rewards.

   My online course is a one-time paid membership platform over a 4-week period. Each employee uses the same user district name login but sets up their personal password to access the modules for one year. Tutorials followed by Q&A are in the 2nd and 4th weeks with replays. In person in services are negotiable and the e-book is free with the program.  Big discounts for quantity paperback purchases are available. (Recommended) Pricing is affordable and graduated by number of district personnel.

   Modules content includes but not limited to …

  • discovery of easy-to-use intrinsic motives,
  • progress checklists, rubrics, increasing awareness exercises,
  • pre-during-post self-evaluation assessments, activity value indices,
  • a personal talents and skills survey to discover strengths and weaknesses,
  • a correct goal setting paradigm shift different from what has been taught in the past, and
  • diagrams, graphs, flow charts, and tables to learn The Triad Performance Improvement System.

   Education leaders will be able to use and share intrinsic motives in a mission to align the district needs and values with the personal needs and values of the performers doing the work. This provides a powerful message.  The District cares about its employees to build lasting trust and loyalty.  The benefits are long-term. Every performer improves the quality of the District educational system.

   The District Superintendent or designee can set up a FREE personal consultation with me, Dr. Pete Andersen, the author and trainer.

     Use the “Consult” form below or call or text me in San Diego at 1 (858) 886-9820 to learn more about the objectives and outcomes.

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